Mission Debriefing: March 22, 2015

Attending at various times throughout the night were:

  • DrJeffrey
  • Eris
  • Pathagarus
  • Reaper
  • Rye
  • Niiki
  • Kulggen
  • hulabalusa

With the 1.1 patch we were all hoping to get in a game together, but with the multiplayer match making system being so buggy we just hung out and talked for a while, some people playing single player games while they chatted.

Rye and Reaper demonstrated an extreme lack of culture by their adoration of that disgusting condiment mayonaise.

Conversation drifted over other topics, of course,

  • The movie Chappie (spoken of approvingly).
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer (spoken of with veneration).
  • Track IR (highly recommended by Reaper).
  • The Omniski VI laser cannon and the Sledge 2 mass driver were discussed as the best gun combination at the moment, the Sledge 2 in particular apparently can take out ships in the early waves of Vanduul Swarm with just 2 hits, penetrating the shields and ripping apart the enemy quite easily.
  • There was some discussion of Mustangs with the Beta and Omega being considered useless in any combat situation, and the Omega even dissed as an interior racer to the Gamma due to sliding too much.
  • Nikki and Kulggen were both playing Vanduul swarm (single player) while talking and they both agreed that the enemy AI is very much improved, with the Vanduul being more aggressive and more competent and hard to shake off when they get on your tail. In fact, Kulggen, who had been making it all the way through wave 18, found himself on his last life with no wingmen on wave 9, and it took him a considerable amount of time to get there though to be fair he did make it to level 12 before finally dying his last death. Time for all you combat pilots to learn new tricks!
  • Kulggen’s considered opinion is that the ally AI for Warlord and Vixen still sucks, though.
  • Nikki and Kulggen threatened to kill each other. Either that or they need to get a room together. It wasn’t really clear. 😀
  • The Last Great Starship rose from the dead with people expressing a desire for the IXM Scimitar to be included in game (which may happen according to a recent 5 for Ben Lesnick video). The Boomslang was also mentioned, but it doesn’t look like it will ever make it into the game.
  • Nikki issued a challenge to everyone: Try Vanduul Swarm with the totally inadequate Mustang Beta and see if you can even get past wave 2. She claims to have gotten to wave 4 herself, though, so see if you can do better!

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